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  • 20thFebruary

    New report about sugar causes several of us at RD to think twice!

    By Rehab

    Devon Lockfield, DPT, MTC shared this with her friends via Facebook yesterday and I found myself discussing the article over dinner with my husband. I'm guilty of it - sweet cravings! After having my daughter I thought my new found love for sweets with go away, but it didn't. Reading the article

  • 11thFebruary

    Personal Training with Rehab Dynamics

    By Rehab

    Join us at Rehab Dynamics to GET IN SHAPE! You will train with a trainer from LIFT Training Studios here at Rehab Dynamics. Recently had physical therapy or currently a patient? What better way to continue to grow stronger in the presence of your PT. Call us today! (985) 871-PTPT Ask how you