Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • 28thJuly

    Small movements with big results

    By Rehab

    Our 4 favorite exercises for a healthy low back and core! Once you've mastered these, email me and I'll suggest some new

  • 25thJuly

    Devon’s tips on reading food labels

    By Rehab

    Do you find yourself intimidated by food labels? Don't know what to focus on whether its calories, fats, sodium, sugars or cholesterol? Label reading can be confusing and daunting and with contradictions and 'new findings' always popping up in the news from medical research or new 'government

  • 19thJuly

    Do you have tech neck?

    By Rehab

  • 13thJuly

    Massage therapy right for you?

    By Rehab

    Are you looking forward to a relaxing summer? Maybe you are experiencing a summer filled with packed schedules, busy days and ambitious plans that have you stressed about how you will possibly get it all done! Either way, treating yourself to a calming massage is a GREAT way to relax after the long