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  • 25thOctober

    Doggie Dash – Save the date!

    By Rehab

  • 18thOctober

    Ready, Set, Run! Combat Depression with Regular Exercise

    By Rehab

    Imagine going to the doctor with symptoms of depression and she hands you a new prescription: Do two sets of squats, 15 bicep curls, 10 laps around the track and call me in the morning. Though this is not (yet) an accurate picture, experts are starting to  recognize that regular exercise is not

  • 11thOctober

    Early rehab lowers later use of opioids, injections, and knee surgery

    By Rehab

    When it comes to rehab of individuals with nontraumatic knee pain (NTKP), authors of a new study found it's evident that the "sooner the better" in regards to therapy. Implicating that the sooner these patients receive treatment the less likely to subsequently use drugs, injection therapies,

  • 10thOctober

    Back Exercises

    By Rehab

    Here you will find the back specific from an informational talk given by Dennis Romig, MSPT. Please feel free to call with any questions.Click the link below for the

  • 3rdOctober

    A look inside the numbers…

    By Rehab

    36% Women who report having musculoskeletal disease, compared with 30% of men. 27% Americans who say they would not know where to turn for information if they got a concussion. 36% U.S. Consumers who used online resources to research health care or post about it. 3.6 Mean GPA of