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    A look inside the numbers…

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    • 36% Women who report having musculoskeletal disease, compared with 30% of men.
    • 27% Americans who say they would not know where to turn for information if they got a concussion.
    • 36% U.S. Consumers who used online resources to research health care or post about it.
    • 3.6 Mean GPA of students admitted to physical therapist education programs in 2016.
    • 7% American adults who believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a national survey commissioned by the Innovation Center of US Dairy.
    • 10% American adults who-if given an extra $100-would use it to cover the costs for medication and health care, while 5% would purchase a gym membership or attend a fitness class. The top choices: save or invest (58%) and buy groceries (25%).


    All stats published in PT in Motion Magazine, Sept. 2017