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  • 14thSep

    Physical Therapy’s Scope of Practice Extends Beyond Aches and Pains

    By Rehab

    Physical Therapy’s Scope of Practice Extends Beyond Aches and Pains   Physical therapy is an obvious choice when you’ve sprained an ankle or developed tennis elbow, but what about when you need to boost your mood? Though highly skilled in methods that improve mobility and reduce pain

  • 7thSep

    Dry needling with electrical stimulation

    By Rehab

    Just as there is not one way to treat each patient, there are different practice methods to dry needling. Dry needling is treatment option during physical therapy that can expedite healing and alleviate pain.   We have several PTs that are certified in dry needling. Here's a short clip

  • 29thAug

    The Graston Technique

    By Rehab

    We wanted to refresh your memory on a soft tissue treatment technique called Graston. Our team at Rehab Dynamics utilizes the Graston Technique in conjunction with other manual therapy.   The Graston Technique was developed by amateur athlete David Graston. He was frustrated with his

  • 28thAug

    9 Things You Should Know About Pain (article from APTA)

    By Rehab

    9 Things You Should Know About Pain 1. Pain is output from the brain. While we used to believe that pain originated within the tissues of our body, we now understand that pain does not exist until the brain determines it does. The brain uses a virtual “road map” to direct an output of

  • 16thAug

    Why you should visit your PT before your next run!

    By Rehab

    Why You Should Visit Your Physical Therapist Before Your Next Run Summer is here and that means everyone from the elite runner to the weekend hiker will be out and about trying to shake off the winter blues. As you increase your activity level, you may find that you aren’t as physically