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  • 21stNov

    Physical Therapists are Trained to Treat a Wide Range of Illnesses and Injuries

    By Rehab

    When most people hear the words “physical therapy,” they immediately think of rehabilitation for someone with a sports injury. And while that’s accurate, physical therapists work with many types of patients, presenting with a wide variety of injuries, conditions and diseases. In fact, the

  • 14thNov

    Medicare Cap – Use it or lose it!

    By Rehab

    Don't forget for our Medicare patients.... use your allocated funds or you will lose it at the end of 2017. Call us today to schedule an appointment, 985.871-7878! Click here to see a message from Crystal!

  • 2ndNov

    Pain vs. Soreness? Which is it?

    By Rehab

    There are many benefits to exercise, including the potential for improved physical and mental wellbeing. However, there may also be some physical discomfort associated with these activities due to the stresses placed on the body.   When experiencing discomfort, it is important to

  • 25thOct

    Doggie Dash – Save the date!

    By Rehab

  • 18thOct

    Ready, Set, Run! Combat Depression with Regular Exercise

    By Rehab

    Imagine going to the doctor with symptoms of depression and she hands you a new prescription: Do two sets of squats, 15 bicep curls, 10 laps around the track and call me in the morning. Though this is not (yet) an accurate picture, experts are starting to  recognize that regular exercise is not