AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® uses NASA patented technology to unweight you while walking or running on the treadmill. As one of the only clinics with an AlterG on the Northshore, Rehab Dynamics is helping patients and athletes get stronger and faster – quicker. Come for a free trial today.

The AlterG enhances your ability to recover from orthopedic surgery and other injuries faster and without pain. Take your rehabilitation further than you ever thought possible after surgery, injury or other mobility impairment.

You can:

    • Reduce gravity’s impact by selecting any weight between 20% and 100% of your body weight in 1% increments
    • Rehab faster from injuries or surgery on your hip, knee, ankle, foot or even after a total joint replacement
    • Safely improve your strength and conditioning in a fall-safe environment to fend off ailments and mobility impairments that with come age
    • Effectively improve gait and strength from neurological mobility impairments
    • Avoid injury during conditioning and fitness improvement programs
    • Easily track progress during training or rehabilitation

With a very active community here on the Northshore, we want to help you run more efficiently with a few simple tips. By improving your run form you will have less strain on your neck and back. This will in turn help you to run farther and faster.

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