Pain free after physical therapy at Rehab Dynamics!


  • NFL Quarterback leaves with improved function and less pain

    "I remember my time working with Dennis as very enlightening. Despite the fact that I had already spent 8 years with various NFL teams, he introduced me to many effective treatments and exercises that I have never encountered. Most importantly, I left Dennis much improved functionally, and my level of pain decreased significantly."

    Patrick Ramsey, former NFL quarterback 2002-2010 and former Tulane quarterback 1997-2001

  • MLB Pitcher 'hits a home run' with Dennis

    "Working with Dennis to rehab my torn labrum was a wonderful experience! He was very attentive to what was needed to get me back to health and get me through another season with the Brewers. The quality of care received from Dennis was second to none. Keep up the outstanding work, Dennis, and thank you for all that you did for me."

    Chris Spurling, Major League Baseball pitcher, Detroit Tigers 2006, Milwaukee Brewers 2007-2008

  • NFL player stays on top of his game with Dennis

    "Working with Dennis Romig allowed me to continue my 10 year career in the NFL. I'm forever grateful for the professionalism and techniques involved that allowed me to return to the field healthy."
    -Alge Crumpler, Tight End, Atlanta Falcons 2001-2007, Tennessee Titans 2008-2009, New England Patriots 2010

  • My biggest improvement has been...

    "Achieving normal mobility once again! I can perform my daily tasks without limitations and it's only been 6 weeks! Devon Lockfield is the best PT I have ever worked with! I will miss all of these ladies!"


  • Look what I can do!

    • "I couldn't pick up my cup of tea. Now I can." - Nancy W.
    • "I couldn't drive and was afraid to eat solid foods. Now, I am pain free and am eating a variety of solid foods." - Deborah T.
    • "I can get in the car, virtually no problem now. I can raise my leg about 1.5 feet now. I can raise my leg and put it across my other leg and can get my sock on much more easily!" - Craig N.
    • "I could not sit in my vehicle to cross the causeway but after my therapy here with Devon that pain is nonexistent and I can comfortably drive across the causeway."   - Maureen G.

  • Laser therapy expedites recovery for Maureen

    "I suffer from chronic pain due to a health condition. I was amazed to see the difference when I added laser therapy to my treatment plan. My therapist, Devon and I decided to try a combination of Class 4 laser therapy and dry needling. I was elated when my pain level got to zero after a few treatments. I was even able to avoid surgery. Now I come in for treatments regularly and I've managed to keep the pain at bay."


  • Leaving RD relaxed and relieved

  • Karen can climb steps again

  • Mack's back


  • Ethan is running pain free

  • "I've done therapy twice at Rehab Dynamics and I am very pleased with the results. I had a knee injury and a back injury rehabilitated here. I'd refer anyone who wants a very kind and knowledgeable staff to get them back from an injury."
    -Michael C.

    Michael A Carr Sr

  • Kevin is pain free


  • More than a medical facility

    "Going to Rehab Dynamics is not like a going to a medical facility. It's more like going to a friend's house. You are all so warm and caring."


  • Massage therapy for lymphedema patient: "I will be returning"

    "I'm 53 years old and have NEVER had a full body massage before, due to my being self conscious about my lymphedema. I must admit I was nervous when I first arrived, not knowing what to expect. I chose Rehab Dynamics, because Kelly helped me feel so much better about my legs, educating me and helping me to understand it all. Paul, my massage therapist, did an awesome job.  He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. No one knows how good it made me feel, to finally enjoy the experience of a massage. I will be returning."


  • “Thanks to Susan and her entire staff! I have received treatment at Rehab Dynamics for various injuries over the years. Most recently, Susan and her staff, once again, met my needs and patiently journeyed with me to full recovery. I have always been made to feel comfortable while undergoing physical therapy with Susan and her staff. They treat me in a professional, kind and courteous manner and somehow manage to make you enjoy your visit. I am always confident that I am receiving the best physical therapy. The front office is always on top of things such as scheduling your appointments and taking care of your insurance.The therapists and techs are always eager to help you achieve your goals. Finally, Susan has a gift of making each of her patients feel so special...she really befriends each of her patients with love and encouragement. Thanks to Rehab Dynamics! “

    Ann E

  • “I would like to relate my experience with my recent right shoulder arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and rehabilitation. A few of my health care colleagues recommended that I visit with Rehab Dynamics as they had good experiences there. I met with Kelly Villars and explained my current situation. We decided I would try three sessions with the clinic and see if there was a difference. I saw almost immediate improvement. I decided to continue therapy for an additional 12 visits.

    My therapist, Kelly Villars, was not only knowledgeable and kind, but quickly became my friend, mentor and motivator. She always greeted me with a smile and encouraged me to do my best and then challenged me to improve a little each day. I found the entire staff to be courteous and supportive of every client at the center. Within one month I recovered full range of motion with little discomfort. There is no doubt I could not have come this far without Kelly and Rehab Dynamics.”

    Laurie S.,CRNA

  • “Rehab Dynamics has done an amazing job to improve my shoulder function and relieve my pain! I am so glad to be able to use my arm again for everyday tasks, sleep soundly without waking in pain, and live without throbbing pain down my arm and back. I’m also learning how to strengthen my shoulder with exercises to protect it from injury in the future. I’m very grateful for the expertise of Crystal Ferris and all of the staff here.”
    - Michele T.

    "The results have been dramatic. I was not able to garden, only with very limited movement. This past weekend I was able to garden for 2 hours without any pain. Thank you so much Kay!"        -Lynn D.