A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset!

Well, I do believe this!  “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset!”  During these times, it sure has been challenging to wakeup with a positive mindset, but I’m doing my best!  I hope you are taking time for YOU and getting ready for our new, new normal!

Well, if you are like us, then you are ready to get back to your regular routines!  I’m happy to say that we are going to do just that starting May 1!  We will start back 7-5 M-Friday to accomodate your needs!  Of course we will continue following CDC guidelines, wearing our masks, and asking you to wear yours too if you have one!  Our number one goal is to get you well in a safe, clean, and professional environment, so we will continue to do just that!

Our team has been hard at work coming up with educational AND exercise videos for you while you are at home!  If you haven’t had a chance to watch, take a look!  The exercises are awesome to keep you moving and the educational videos are really important too!  Click here to see what we have been working on and see if there’s something that you would like to learn about or a PT that you would like to exercise with!

Take a listen on a couple other ‘happy’ things happening.  As always, our biggest compliment is when our patients refer friends and family….now more than ever!  Please keep us in mind if you have someone close to struggling with their physical health!  We can help!  We’d be happy to reach out to them as well!  Just call us, give us their name and number, and we’ll do the rest!

Stay healthy,


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