Change Nothing and Nothing Changes!


Well, this is the quote of the day!  Change nothing and nothing changes!  My last email was all about planning to achieve your goals!  How is it coming?!  I hope I inspired you to make it happen, whatever the ‘it’ is for you!

This week I’d like to talk about change! A lot of us wake up everyday in pain!  We try to fix things on our own, including me and our team of PT’s.  If we don’t change what we are doing, the pain is probably not going to go away!  As I’ve mentioned before, pain and dysfunction are most easily corrected as soon as they start!  I encourage you to let us help you!  The quicker you get in, the quicker we can get you well!  We can help you….you just have to be ready to let us do so!

Case in point.  Take me for an example!  I have a bad neck and about twice a year, I get terrible pain into my left shoulder.  I typically just roll with it and try to fix it myself until I can’t take it anymore.  I then kindly ask one of our PT’s to check it out, they fix me, and then I’m back to normal!  And then I think to myself….why did I wait for 2 months to have them do this?!

We are hear for you when you are ready to make that change!  Whether it be to get stronger, healthier, get rid of your pain, etc, we can’t wait to help!  Click here to talk to Sonya about scheduling your next appointment!



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