Devon’s tips on reading food labels

Do you find yourself intimidated by food labels? Don’t know what to focus on whether its calories, fats, sodium, sugars or cholesterol? Label reading can be confusing and daunting and with contradictions and ‘new findings’ always popping up in the news from medical research or new ‘government guidelines’ we get frustrated with what it means to be healthy. Below are seven rules that are easy to follow when reading ingredient.

1. No sugar! If sugar is listed (in any form) leave it!
2. Avoid artificial sweeteners
3. Avoid the unpronounceable!
4. Limit/avoid safflower, sunflower, soybean, corn, cottonseed, and mixed vegetable oils.
5. Beware of processed grains.
6. No partially hydrogenated oils.
7. Focus on REAL ingredients-ensure that your ingredients are derived from real foods. and that you recognize what is listed in the ingredients.

“A good general rule is: the fewer ingredients the better.”

We love to help our patients lead happy, healthy lives! Happy, healthy eating!