Get Excited!

Staying Healthy As We Age

Get excited! All private pay insurances are now covering telehealth!  Finally insurance companies are realizing that a lot of people are stuck inside, but still need Physical Therapy!  While we can’t put our hands through the phone, we CAN still help you!  Please don’t avoid PT during these times.  No matter what your ailment is, I promise telehealth will help you!  You still get our great minds to assess your movement just like we do in the clinic, listen to your complaints, make adjustments in the way you are doing things, and of course, switch up your program to make sure you are getting everything out of the time you put in!  Click the link below for Crystal’s explanation of telehealth and little update on everything else as well!  Click here to schedule your appointment for as a new patient or current patient!

Stay healthy!


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