Going skiing during January or February!?

There are lots of fun activities to get invovled with in Jan/Feb and one of the most popular is taking a ski trip! Before you go skiing, make sure to work on stabilizing the knee and ankle to prevent injury. Below are a few exercises you can start doing now.

Stretching and Balance exercises:

1)       Single leg stand – stand on 1 leg barefoot or on folded towel with eyes closed for 1 minute (repeat 2 times each leg)

2)       Side lunges – Step sideways, then step back to standing. Repeat using other leg. (1 set of  10 reps, once a day)

3)       Quad stretches – Lie face down, reach back and grasp ankle. Relax leg and gently pull ankle towards buttocks and hold for 10 seconds. (1 set of 3 reps, once a day)

4)       Hamstring stretch – Lie on back holding a towel looped under foot with knee straight. Gently pull leg up and hold for 10 seconds, repeat with opposite leg. (1 set of 3 reps, once a day)