What are your goals for 2020?


Well, it’s 2020!  SO much is supposed to happen in 2020…right?  I remember when I was in PT school, there was an initiative that all PT schools would be graduating Doctorates of Physical Therapy rather than the Masters program which it used to be!  Luckily, the Physical Therapy world set a good goal and met it!

That being said, everyone can accomplish their goals if they set their mind to it!  In December, I was asked to speak on time management and time efficiency.  I felt so honored to be able to talk on such an important topic.  People have so much going on in their lives, and what do we all want more of…..TIME!  Time is such a precious thing that you can’t get back, so you need to use the time you have efficiently so that you can enjoy each and every second of it!

Of course I lead a busy life!  I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a business owner of Rehab Dynamics, I started another business late last year with my best friend called Sparkle in Our Eyes, I’m about to open a third business which I’m super excited to share more with you soon,  a room mom, volunteer, etc.  We all carry a lot of hats, but thankfully, I’ve always been a planner.  A planner isn’t always a good thing because sometimes it’s hard for me to deviate away from my plan, but because of the systems I use, I’m still able to have free time for me, my family, and the things I want to do…all of which are super important!

The biggest thing I’ve learned, is YOU have to be ready to make a change!  If you aren’t ready to make the change, whether it be personally or professionally, it won’t happen.  If you want to lose weight, it won’t happen until you are mentally ready.  If you are tired of that shoulder pain, you have to be ready to commit to Physical Therapy and doing what is necessary to get you pain free!  If you want to take more time for you, it won’t happen until you decide to start saying no to other things that may not align with your ultimate purpose!

The second thing is to plan!  Case in point, if you are trying to diet, you have to plan you meals so you don’t eat out or eat the first thing that you see.   I encourage you, in whatever you are hoping to achieve this year, go month at a time.  Look at the month, determine what your goal is for the month, separate that into weeks, and then break it down into days.  That way you have a plan for each day to meet your goals for the month!

YOU can do this!  We are here to help anyway we can!

Happy New Year!


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