How’s your posture when you are drinking your coffee?

I feel like they have a “National” day for everything, but we are going to celebrate National Coffee Day on Monday, September 30th!  Stop by and say hi at either of our locations and enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut with us!

Don’t forget, as you are enjoying your cup of coffee in the mornings, make sure you are sitting with proper posture.  What is that?  Well, just a reminder….

Booty to the back of the chair

Feet flat on the ground (if you are shorter, place a book or a step of some sort under your feet)

Legs at 90/90 (don’t let your knees be higher or lower than your hips)

Try not to cross your legs

That’s the do’s and don’ts!  If you don’t find that to be comfortable, I highly suggest a McKenzie Roll.  I have one of these in my office chair and my car!  It makes sitting up properly so much more comfy and easy.  Click here if you would like to purchase one!

Thanks again for your continued support!  Let us know if we can help you, your family, or friends!



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