“It’s the mind itself which shapes the body.” — JOSEPH PILATES

If you’ve been in either of our clinics lately, you probably have noticed that we now use Pilates reformers in some of our treatment plans.

I’m a full believer of Pilates.  I started using the reformer about 2 years ago and it has made a huge difference in my body.  While it’s not high impact, it’s able to challenge your body with each and every exercise.  Even when you are working on your legs, you are working your core at the same time.  I decided that having a reformer for our patients to use would be great, especially for our low back pain population!  We have had great success and all the patients have really seemed to love it!  I challenge you to come see us if you are having any low back pain at all!  With our fantastic manual therapy skills, other treatment techniques such as laser or dry needling, and our high tech exercise equipment and knowledge, we will be able to help you in your journey of healing!

I’m including a zoomcast I did with  Tayler Landry, owner of Evolve Studios.  She talks about the benefits of Pilates for any age!

Also, just a reminder, if you are interested in helping us with our Basket Of Hope project this November, here’s a few things that they are asking for to help fill the baskets!


Rattles of any kind, Music and Light up toys, Links (plastic hooks to hang toys), First books (vinyl or board), J&J Box travel sets or baby care products. Fisher Price Ring Stack toy, stacking cup toys etc.  No fabric/cloth items unless purchased new in plastic.

As always, we would love to help you, your friends,  your family, or anyone you know!  Click here or call 985-871-7878 to get on your way to feeling better!