Massage therapy right for you?

Are you looking forward to a relaxing summer? Maybe you are experiencing a summer filled with packed schedules, busy days and ambitious plans that have you stressed about how you will possibly get it all done! Either way, treating yourself to a calming massage is a GREAT way to relax after the long summer days.

Did you know that massage can decrease stress, reduce discomfort in stiff and sore muscles and joints, decrease blood pressure, and improve flexibility and range of motion? Our wonderful massage therapist, Paul, can help you relax, unwind and repair so that you can get to all of those summer time plans.

Call us to make an appointment and take time for yourself this summer-you deserve it! Know a busy someone who would benefit from all that massage has to offer? This would make a great gift too!

An introductory 60 minute massage is only $50.00! 60 minute, 30 minute, essential oil ‘raindrop technique’, pregnancy massages and packages are available as well.

(985) 871-7878