Patient Testimonials

  • Ms. Paula

    “Everyone was amazing! Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The facility was very clean and all COVID precautions were taken.” The best part of her experience, “The one on one attention that was provides, the staff was concerned and consistent with each other and every aspect of my experience.”

    Ms. Paula

  • “I know exercises that can help if I feel stiff or sore and I can do them at home.”

    Ms. Delania

  • “My quality of life has improved and all the personnel was AWESOME!”

    Mr. Vezain

  • “I can now actually perform normal activities with less discomfort, and the staff was a lot of fun talking to while I exercise!”


  • “The dry needling and the trigger point massage was the most helpful!”


  • “I can bend now and the pain is not as bad!”


  • Barbara Cefalu

    “I am finally back to normal and able to turn my neck!”

    Ms. Cefalu

  • L.Daigle

    “The manual therapy definitely helped with loosing up muscles that seemed to be permanently cramped!!”

    Ms. Daigle

  • Arena

    Since attending therapy I can get out of a chair and put on my socks a lot easier!

    Ms. Arena

  • “The atmosphere and the kind caring nature of Kelli and Kim is unmatched by any other facility I have ever attended!! I will be returning after my surgery.”

    Ms. Drake

  • “When I first began therapy I had a really hard time walking and had a severe limp. I also had severe pain in my neck and back for over 20 years. I no longer have a limp and walking isn’t painful! Needling has been the only form of lasting relief to my back! Amazing!”


  • “Rehab Dynamics has awesome staff and great service! The therapist provided holistic care while improving my ROM and relieving my discomfort!”


  • ” I can walk around and work easier and just seeing the difference was a great experience!”


  • “I can now enter and exit my automobile and walk short distances!”


  • “After coming to therapy,  later I was able to walk easier when mowing my lawn!”


  • “I can now flip fabric bolts without pain and type easier since starting at Rehab Dynamics!”


  • “40 years of training and 30 years of therapy and dry needling is by far the best for soft tissue injuries! I have less pain which means less pain medication!!”


  • “I can now walk, hop, and my mobility is better; the people here are truly professional and helped keep me motivated!”


  • “I can now get dressed, wash my hair, and drive since starting physical therapy!”


  • “The best part of therapy was the kindness of everyone that works at Rehab Dynamics.  The experience and friendship of Jennifer, I made many friends here!”


  • “I am ambulating much better with considerably less discomfort. Not only am I much improved physically but I actually enjoyed the process!”


  • “Since graduating therapy I can now sleep, drive, cook, grocery shop, live, and soon hold my grandson!!!!

    Under Crystals’ leadership, each of you had a part in my recovery with professionalism, empathy, and passion in bringing healing.

    You each played an important part, thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me!”


  • “My arm moves so much better now; it went from mush, to grabbing tush!”


  • “I can now walk without pain, and Crystal’s massage therapy is great!”


  • “My ankle has gotten much stronger and now I can play basketball!”


  • “I have More movement in my shoulder!”


  • “Driving is so much easier now that I can turn my head; I am even able to watch an entire movie!”


  • “My foot is stronger and I am now on a cane and transitioning to walking without it!”


  • “Before my treatment, I was limited and now I have full flexibility!”


  • “I can now walk, balance, and pick up items off the floor easily!”


  • “I can turn my head better, and my back”


  • I can now fully open my mouth!


  • “I am now able to walk a few miles without pain. The staff is amazing and how they work together as a team for the betterment of the patients!”


  • “I’m no longer in pain and have almost all of my range of motion back in my shoulder!”


  • When asked what was the best part of your experience at Rehab Dynamics, K. Martin states, “The people. I loved everyone I met.  Staff and patients!”

    K. Martin

  • Trevor Spinner

    What can you do better since starting PT? “Walking, work activities and any physical related activity.”

    The best part of my experience at RD was…..”the workers were great and improving every time I went there.”

    Trevor S.

  • Lydia G Covington & Mandeville, LA

    “Great team work. Lots of one-to-one care. Work out from the minute you arrive until you leave. Welcomed from the start. Best care ever. Looked forward to coming each day. Could not have gotten better care. I felt like I knew each person like a friend. Will be coming back to work out [RD Wellness Programs].”

    Lydia G.

  • Patient of month Covington & Mandeville, LA Physical therapy

    “Approximately one month ago I underwent knee replacement surgery. The procedure went well, and home health care started me on the road to recovery. This month I started out-patient rehab therapy at Rehab Dynamics. I am impressed with everything about Rehab Dynamics, the professional staff, the state-of-the-art equipment and the new facility on Falconer Drive in Covington.”

    Vince P.

  • Victoria s

    “The people were the best part of my experience at RD! Most professional and fun staff. My visits were always a fun and entertaining time while working on my recovery.”

    Victoria S.

  • C Broussard

    “After completing my physical therapy treatment, I am able to hold my 20 pound grandbaby for the first time!”

    Carolyn B.

  • Cynthia Snyder

    I can…”put up my hair again, sleep without pain, and work in my yard!”

    Cynthia S.

  • Rebecca Jackson

    “Now I can walk up and down the steps without any pain! I’ve been blessed with such an amazing crew at Rehab Dynamics. Four years coming on and off, has showed me that it’s an awesome relief to have friends I’ll always be close to!”

    Rebecca J.