Patient Testimonials

  • “Can’t believe I was back to running so soon after surgery!”


  • “I walk without pain! I am now back at the gym and my old habits!”


  • “I can lift way more and have no pain!”


  • “Pleasant knowledgeable people. Facility clean!”


  • “Being treated by Christen Pontius – her massaging was great and she was so patient with me and kind. (all of your staff are wonderful!)”


  • “Besides the amazing staff, the best part of my experience at Rehab Dynamics was how hard the staff pushes you to your limit. It’s not easy, but trust me, they know what they’re doing.”


  • “I’ve made a full recovery from my surgery, and I can finally do what the average person does. Even more without the pain or fear of dislocating my knee.”


  • “Such a blessing to have such a knowledgeable staff. They are caring and make you feel comfortable as family. Their expert care is amazing. Christen is the bomb!”


  • My back feels much better! Motion is much better. Not as stiff!


  • My right foot strength is greatly improved. My right hip is stronger/balance is better. Feel better prepared for surgery.


  • “Neck motion is much better with little pain. I can sit at work for over an hour without pain. Driving long distance is also much better.”


  • “Such a blessing to have such a knowledgeable staff. They are caring and make you feel comfortable as family. Their expert care is amazing. Christen is the bomb!”


  • “I haven’t had any ‘shocks’ in my back since I started!”


  • What can you do easier since PT? “Sitting to standing. Walking and bending. Just overall feel better!”


  • What was the best part of your experience? “Manipulation of back and spine!”


  • I got in my Miata (sports car)!!


  • I have already recommended them to my friends.


  • I am walking without a cane!!


  • All of the PT’s and assistants are the best! Very fun to be around. Like family! Relaxing.


  • I can move my right arm so much better…I do not need any help reaching for glasses off the shelf. I can reach behind my back now.


  • Just want to give a special Tks to Rehab Dynamics yesterday for diagnosing me so quickly and treating my lower back pain. Was a great experience, nice to get relief from my pain immediately.

    Janet B.

  • Trevor Spinner

    What can you do better since starting PT? “Walking, work activities and any physical related activity.”

    The best part of my experience at RD was…..”the workers were great and improving every time I went there.”

    Trevor S.

  • Lydia G Covington & Mandeville, LA

    Great team work. Lots of one-to-one care. Work out from the minute you arrive until you leave. Welcomed from the start. Best care ever. Looked forward to coming each day. Could not have gotten better care. I felt like I knew each person like a friend. Will be coming back to work out [RD Wellness Programs].

    Lydia G.

  • Patient of month Covington & Mandeville, LA Physical therapy

    Approximately one month ago I underwent knee replacement surgery. The procedure went well, and home health care started me on the road to recovery. This month I started out-patient rehab therapy at Rehab Dynamics. I am impressed with everything about Rehab Dynamics, the professional staff, the state-of-the-art equipment and the new facility on Falconer Drive in Covington.

    Vince P.

  • Victoria s

    The people were the best part of my experience at RD! Most professional and fun staff. My visits were always a fun and entertaining time while working on my recovery.

    Victoria S.

  • This clinic has a great energy and I leave feeling uplifted. It is a true place of healing.

    Denise L.

  • C Broussard

    After completing my physical therapy treatment, I am able to hold my 20 pound grand baby for the first time!

    Carolyn B.

  • Cynthia Snyder

    I can…”put up my hair again, sleep without pain, and work in my yard!”

    Cynthia S.

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Now I can walk up and down the steps without any pain! I’ve been blessed with such an amazing crew at Rehab Dynamics. Four years coming on and off, has showed me that it’s an awesome relief to have friends I’ll always be close to!

    Rebecca J.

  • I suffered with wrist pain for about 2 years. I couldn’t even do a push-up. I had x-rays that showed no abnormalities and cortisone shots which only offered temporary relief. I had almost given up and accepted living with limited range and pain. I was referred to Rehab Dynamics, where they not only diagnosed the issue but treated with quicker results than expected. It’s been almost a year since I was released and I’m happy to say I am pain free with no limitations. Results speak for themselves, but along with it came great people and relationships. Thank you!

    Vincent D.

  • After my total knee replacement I chose Rehab Dynamics for my physical therapy needs. This was a GREAT choice! The well trained therapists and staff demonstrated a total commitment to my recovery and measured my progress frequently. The facility was sparkling clean and the staff was very friendly. Rehab Dynamics is a great resource for Mandeville/Covington. Do business local!

    Darryl M.

  • I was having significant pain and bladder problems 6 months after the delivery of my daughter. Kelly was incredibly knowledgeable and helped my pain significantly. A bonus was that my C-section scar was hardly detectable after treatment!

    Mary K.