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    Wellness programs Covington & Mandeville, LA

    Our Wellness programs are designed to take into account total body wellness for our patients. Before, during or after your treatment at Rehab Dynamics you may be looking for more. With group classes, PT assessments and much more – we are confident you can take your fitness to the next level with us! Remember your first group class is free!

    Under Wellness at Rehab Dynamics you can enroll in a private pay program we offer called Wellness Basic or Wellness Plus. We are also partners with several insurance providers to offer SilverSneakers, Active&Fit, Silver&Fit, and FitnessCoach. These programs are offered through insurance providers at no cost to the member.

    The programs specific to Rehab Dynamics are Wellness Basic and Wellness Plus Memberships.


  • Wellness Basic Membership:

    • Unlimited gym access during business hours
    • Unlimited group classes
    • Electrical stim
    • Heat and ice treatments
    • Pay month to month
    • Purchase here
    • This Wellness Basic Membership is $40 each month and you are able to pay month to month.


  • silver sneakers

    SilverSneakers | Active&Fit | Silver&Fit | FitnessCoach
    These programs are offered through your insurance provider. If your provider is a partner, it is a great benefit to you! You will incur no cost out of pocket to enjoy your membership through these programs. As a partner for these programs you will be able to enjoy unlimited gym access to Rehab Dynamics and classes. In order to find out if you are eligible please call your insurance provider or call us at (985) 871-7878 and we will help you!

  • In conjunction with our Wellness programs, we are excited to now offer InBody. InBody is an assessment that analyzes your body composition to help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively. Let’s see what you’re made of! Your first assessment is free. We encourage you to keep tracking your progress on your fitness journey. Prices are 1 InBody analysis for $25 or 5 or $50.

    Health and fitness make the difference between living well and just living! Live Better, Feel Better with Rehab Dynamics! All group classes are taught out of the Covington Clinic location. Call (985) 871-7878 for more information. For more information, Contact Us Today at Covington & Mandeville, LA Centers.


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