feeling achy

4 Things To Do if You Wake Up Feeling Achy

September 28th, 2020

Is Getting Out Of Bed A Daunting Task For You? Here Are 4 Ways To Put A Stop To Morning Aches And Stiffness Wondering why you’re feeling so stiff and achy in the morning? Could it be an old, uncomfortable, mattress? An unsupportive pillow? An ill-suited sleeping position? Maybe you have an underlying health condition

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Staying Healthy As We Age

Get Excited!

March 29th, 2020

Get excited! All private pay insurances are now covering telehealth!  Finally insurance companies are realizing that a lot of people are stuck inside, but still need Physical Therapy!  While we can’t put our hands through the phone, we CAN still help you!  Please don’t avoid PT during these times.  No matter what your ailment is,

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Inflammation is not your friend!

October 14th, 2019

Fall is coming…hopefully sooner than later!  Football, pumpkins, get togethers, charity events, Physical Therapy month, You Night fashion show, and so much more!  October is so busy but full of fun!  We had such a good time two Fridays ago supporting our community at the PIG Charity Event!  We were able to help the Hope

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