We have a McKenzie Trained PT! Dry Needling Workshop July 10th!

Have you ever felt like your back pain won’t go away? Or you’ve said to yourself “it feels good when I’m at Physical Therapy but then when I leave, the pain comes back.”

The McKenzie Method is a well established and research-based technique with self-management skills in order to manage acute and chronic neck and back pain with or without symptoms into your arm/legs, which helps give you the tools to manage symptoms. Unlike most methods, The McKenzie Method may not require you to come to therapy for multiple sessions over the course of several weeks but may get you doing the things you love quicker than before! If you’re having current neck or back pain, come see Christen, your McKenzie trained therapist, for a full evaluation and establish a treatment plan!

Also, Christen will be presenting for our next workshop on Wednesday, July 10th, at noon in our Covington location.  She will be talking about what dry needling is, how it works, if it would help you, and do a demonstration on someone in her audience.  Please click here to sign up!  You won’t want to miss it!

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