What question do we get asked about the most?!

My goodness….it’s November!  We all have so much to be thankful for!   Before I get to one of our most asked questions, I’d love the opportunity to tell you that we are partnering with Basket of Hope this November!  Basket of Hope serves children and their families in hospitals across New Orleans, the Northshore, and Baton Rouge.   The baskets are filled with familiar items and are provided in an unfamiliar place.  They bring some sense of control, normalcy and enjoyment for patients and families coping with serious illnesses. The Basket of Hope and Hope Tote are delivered during personal visits by local professional sports players, coaches, other local celebrities and volunteers.

Here are some ideas on what you can help with for the INFANT BASKET ITEMS Birth-18 months

Rattles of any kind, Music and Light up toys, Links (plastic hooks to hang toys), First books (vinyl or board), J&J Box travel sets or baby care products, Fisher Price Ring Stack toy, stacking cup toys etc.  No fabric/cloth items unless purchased new in plastic.

We greatly appreciate your help in supporting this great cause!

Now, for the burning question!  Working in our field, we get asked a ton of different questions each day.  I’d say the #1 most asked question is….Will an injection help me?  For how long?  It is dangerous to get too many?

So, I enlisted Dr. Joey Lamartina, an orthopedic surgeon, from St. Tammany Hospital to answer this question for you!  He not only talks about injections but also some other conservative treatment options for the knee in this short 3:55 minute zoom cast!  Check it out for all the answers to your questions!

As always, we would love to help you with any of your aches and pain!  Please reach out and we’d be happy to get you in ASAP! Contact us by clicking this link or call us at 985-871-7878!

Have a great week!


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