Now offering home visits and telehealth

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Hi all!  I hope you are staying afloat during these uncertain times!  We are doing all we can to stay open to serve you!  Our Covington clinic will be open from 7-1 starting today M-Friday.  Some good news though….we are now offering home visits and telehealth.  Currently all insurances are covering home visits, but of course, we just ask that you are fully well before we come to your home.  As far as telehealth, it’s like a medical facetime.  While we wouldn’t be able to put our hands on you, we would be able to assess your motion, help you with exercises, and give you tips and pointers to get you through this time.  Medicare is the only insurance that is currently covering this but we are offering cash payment for this service!  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!  985-871-7878.

The Mandeville hours are staying pretty much the same, but call Kelli or Kim to get their latest updates as they will be in and out of the clinic as well doing home visits.  Their number is 985-792-7990.

We are here for you now more than ever!  Please don’t live with pain or put off the therapy that your doctor wanted you to complete!

Stay safe and we will continue to keep you updated as things continue to change!


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