Want to feel better in 10 minutes or less?

Laser Therapy

So, we’ve had the class IV laser for several years now.  I can’t tell you how great of a tool it has been for people that have a minor ache or pain, or just a tight muscle that won’t go away.

The pros:  It’s a 10 minute treatment.  The majority of the time, patients either have a decrease in their pain level and/or an improvement in their range of motion.  The treatment continues to work for up to 16 hours after the session.  Only 6 sessions are recommended to get the ultimate result.  While insurance does NOT cover it, we offer your first session to you complimentary, and every session after that is $20.

The cons:  The only person that can’t use the laser is someone that had a steroid injection within the last 7 days, a child that is still growing, and someone that currently has active cancer.

Click here to contact us to schedule your first complimentary laser treatment!  I can’t wait to see how it works for you!

Check out this video from the University of Florida!  Pretty cool!


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