Will sit ups help be lose my gut?

Hey there!  So this has been an interesting topic in the clinic this week!  We’ve had a couple patients ask us….I have this belly fat….Do I just have to do some sit ups or crunches to get rid of it?

The answer is NO.  No, please don’t!  That is, unless you want to be a back pain patient of ours forever!  We love you, but we would love it even more if you were feeling great and didn’t need to use us all of the time 🙂

So, sit ups are really hard on the back.  Like really bad.  The machines at the gym that you pile a ton of weight on and lean backwards or crunch in on are also really terrible on the back, especially your lower lumbar region.  These are the two things most people think will attack that abdominal region.

Well, if I can’t do that, what should I do?!  Great question!  First of all, weight loss starts with nutrition.  Most articles that I have read, say weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise!  I highly recommend some sort of physical activity for about 30 minutes daily.  Other than that, I suggest logging what goes in your mouth!  Are you a sugar eater, a fried foods eater, a carb loader, etc.  I’d then look at that log and start making modifications if you don’t have just as many veggies and fruit in there as you do other things!  My favorite rule of thumb…try to avoid things that come in a package, especially in the middle isles of the grocery!

As far as exercises that target the abdominal region without hurting your back….there are TONS and we would love to show you them!  Don’t forget we have a wellness program!  We also offer consults to help you come up with a program targeted to help you meet your goals!

Call us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a wellness consult!